Tuesday, July 3, 2007

First Post

As a huge fan of Steven Colbert, I figured I'd begin this blog with a made-up word - "comminfocating". I think I'll try and make new words a regular part of updates here -you know, adding to the language and all that.

The word 'comminfocating' is confusing in of itself (that's sort of the point), difficult to say three times in a row and generally designed to flabbergast (another great word!). It's this way because I wanted it to convey the frustration I've encountered over years of working with information and ideas. We're just not good at communicating this stuff. Any of it. Business data, business ideas, consumer insights, advertising ideas, the list goes on. Yes, sometimes the stars align and we emerge with wonderful decisions. But in my experience, on balance, more bad ones are made than good. Bad in the sense of just wrong, or weak, safe, or misguided.

Why this is is a matter of your point of view. I think it has something to do with 'lack of design' - in many different ways, and many different respects. Something I will be posting on.

In addition, I'll be posting about our new company! No name yet, but stay tuned. We're not trying to solve all of these problems, but we do want to make access and insight into your basic business and consumer information a cheap and easy journey for the smaller and mid-size businesses out there. And we want to do it without the jargon, fluff and poor design that seems to plague much of the BI world. At least that's the plan...

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CK said...

Well happy 1st post! Thank you for including me on your blogroll, that means much. I'm also in NYC! Enjoy the road ahead in your blog--you'll find that there is an amazing community of generous people who will teach you much and give you a lot of laughs, too.

Much luck..but you'll find it's easy to get into the groove within just a few posts ;-).

Paul Soldera said...

Thanks CK. I'm a big fan of your blog. Happy to hear from another NYC blogger as well (although I imagine there are a few). Maybe we'll meet some day?

Keep up the good posts!

CK said...

Oh aren't you too kind. There are a few NYC bloggers I know (Tangerine Toad, David Berkowitz/Markters Studio, Greg Verdino and Noah Brier...oh and Max Kalehoff). They're all on my blogroll.

But I love seeing new bloggers starting out (that said, I've only been doing this for little over a year). Welcome aboard and I'm sure we'll meet someday!