Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Pirate's Dilema

Sean over at CrapHammer (got to love that blog name!), posted a link to a short video promoting the new book The Pirates Dilemma, by Matt Mason. Here is the video.

It definitely looks like it would be worth a read. It's hard to argue that youth culture hasn't/isn't changing the media landscape. Whole institutions are crumbling because of it (read traditional media outlets).

What struck me watching the video though was why the attention on pirate culture now - as the video goes into some depth to explain it as a common historical trend? It comes down to music (and potentially movie) piracy. And it's an economic argument. Never in the history of media has the means to reproduce and share it been so easy and ubiquitous.

So does that make everyone a pirate? Or are some of us sort of free-loading pirates? More akin to looters running through upturned cars than pirates who seek riches and fame plying their trade?

I think there is a distinction there. Subtle, but important. And I know people who fit into both camps.

I think I am off to buy the book... or steal it if possible :)

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