Thursday, September 13, 2007

Vista Bashing

I just read this post about Microsoft's Vista operating system. It adds to the increasing negative 'hype' about this OS. Which is fascinating, as I have been using Vista for weeks now and it's fine.

How did Microsoft let this type of negative PR about Vista run amok on the Internet? It's obviously difficult to control this type of thing, but this product is actually good! It has many useful advantages over XP - more stable (yes, not one crash and I can leave the OS on for days with no memory leaks), a better UI, looks nicer, easy to find programs, etc, etc.

I was talking to an IT manager friend of mine the other day about this, and it turns out he is a classic example of how the hype hurts. He was initially very skeptical of Vista because of the negative press. Refused to use it after the 'verdict' on it seemed to be bad. He recently installed it on a few computers and to his surprise found it to be a great system! He runs a lot of computers and his failure to buy Vista was because of bad PR, not because he tried the system and hated it.

If Vista ends up selling badly, as it seems to be, it's not because the product sucks. It's because the Marketing does. Microsoft's Marketing leaves a lot to be desired.

What should have they done? Might be a good topic for the next post.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Exactly - finally MS really created a stable, comfortable and quite stylish OS that is actually quite modest, simple, secure, functional, fast and even isn't patronizing the user anymore as it was the case with previous Windows versions - and guess what: People will bash it because they think of themselves as very critical - and it also seems to be "hip" to bash MS and Vista on the web - it's like they think that bashing it turns them into "experts". Anyway, I also do not understand why MS isn't more interested to prevent the negativ press by concentrating on a better marketing/image for the OS like Apples does....