Thursday, October 4, 2007

Good design helps small businesses

We've been searching for an Accountant for our business for a while and didn't really get many good leads from recommendations. Accountants are a funny lot, many seem to ignore the fact that they are in the client servicing industry as much as the financial industry.

And if you search the web for local accountants, many of the sites look like they were built by used car dealers - tacky, hyped-up, and kind of sleazy. So I was really happy to find M.H Financial Group, in the depths of New Jersey.

Michael and his team decided to take a different tactic to small business marketing. Instead of doing everything on the cheap, actually invested in a very nice, professional web presence that leaves a strong impression of the type of company they are. An impression strengthened when you walk into their business and see the new carpets, mahogany desks, leather chairs, great lay-out and comfortable atmosphere.

Of course, as Michael himself pointed out, none of that matters if his services are bad (which they are not). But it matters greatly when a customer is deciding. All of this gets him and his firm on a very short list. Getting on that short list is the hardest thing for a small service business to do.

This is the power of branding, and it works, no matter how small you are.

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