Monday, October 8, 2007

Rugby World Cup Disaster

Ok, since I posted about the Rugby World Cup's tournament structure, it feels appropriate to inform everyone (not following the competition) that New Zealand lost in the quarter finals to France.

While this fact is of minor importance to most people - maybe enough to elicit the odd raised eyebrow or semi-interested nod of the head - it's a soul shattering, life ending, world concluding disaster for most New Zealanders. Rugby is a akin to a religion in New Zealand.

So how do you take a loss like this? What can we do to console ourselves? After much soul searching, I've decided to take a leaf from the book of the New York Yankees - the self proclaimed 'winningest team in history' - when you need to feel good about yourself, pull out the record!

Winning Percentage

That's right, the numbers don't lie. The New Zealand All Blacks are the 'winningest' team in the long and rich history of the sport. That 's an impressive record. And one I think we can feel proud of.

It's that history of winning that will sustain us in these dark times.

(ok, that last line is a little melodramatic)

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