Monday, December 17, 2007

Elf Yourself - could have been so much more!

Many of you would have come across the ElfYourself site from OfficeMax - I think it is ranked in the top 20 for holiday internet traffic right now.

It's a cute site. You can upload a picture of yourself and up to three friends/family members, crop the pictures to just the heads and then put them on the top of dancing elf bodies. All very viral stuff.

I sent one to my wife who loved it. I asked her afterwards what else she remembers about watching it. Not much came to mind. She had no idea it was from Office Max. I asked her what she might do now that she knew it came from Office Max - she didn't really know. Yes, it's a sample of one, but based on my experience probably a very common reaction.

Office Max just created one of the best viral efforts of the season, had millions of people sending and receiving their effort, yet none (or very little) of what was sent or received concerned the brand. Yes they would have generated a bit of awareness for the holiday season - which is good as top-of-mind choice is important in retail - but it could have been so much more.

Where is the daily competition for the best elf that wins you a $20 Office Max voucher - redeemable at any store and so drives online or foot-traffic? Where is the picture of the elfs working away hard in their shop, with Office Max equipment strewn all around so people can click on products the elfs use? Where is the ability to print your dancing elf free with any purchase at Office Max before December the 25th?

The list can go on. Just because you have a great viral, doesn't mean there aren't ways to promote both your brand and drive people to action.

10/10 for the idea, 2/10 for the execution.

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2 comments: said...

I've seen this many times and plan on maybe uploading my photos to try it out. Until you told me it was done by OfficeMax, I had no idea. So I agree they missed the boat on that one. Maybe there should have been an "easy" button?

So when are you going to share your elfyourself url?

Paul Soldera said...

You know, I never even made one of myself! I have one of my wife but she might object to me posting it on a blog, lol.

I'm crafting a follow-up post so I may include it in there.

The 'easy' button is Staples I believe - another great branding success!