Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lies, dammed lies and Magazine Subscriptions

Chris Anderson over at the Long Tail just posted this on magazine subscription offers. I'd highly recommend reading it if you are in the business of trying to persuade a potential customer to subscribe to your service.

He talks about how magazine subscription offers are full of lies and half-truths to try and hook you in. We've all received many of these in the past. I especially like the ones that come three weeks after a 'free trial issue' and warn you about an impending lawsuit if you don't pay your overdue subscription. Great scare tactics.

In the past, a positive ROI from these tactics was an indication of them working. But not anymore. Where Chris may have complained to a few friends, his wife, his bowling team (ok, I really don't know if he bowls), etc. These days he blogs about it. To thousands of people.

Blogs, Web 2.0ish technologies and online social networks have introduced very real consequences for marketers who try these tactics.

Please stop.

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