Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Annoying surveys, again...

I wrote about annoying customer service surveys here.

I recently started using Skype and after every call, EVERY CALL, they ask you about the call's quality. Bad mistake.

In trying to find a solution to this problem, I came across some great examples of why over-surveying is a bad thing. From some forum posts:

"If i would have know that every 3rd call, it's going to open up my web browser with no ability to toggle it off, i would have not purchased it. In addition, i (ALWAYS) click on the lowest rating when it brings up that quality feedback web page, despite how really wonderfull the quality of the call was, just due to not being given a choice about the popup."
"Why not let users have the choice of giving feedback or not ?
Since eBay took over I've seen a variety of these type of things that control your user experience. angry.png
Like the previous poster, if we all put in negative feedback in the voice quality page perhaps Skype will realize that the loss of real feedback is a serious enough problem to allow free choice for the user."

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Skip Lineberg said...

Hi Paul-

Rachel Bell pointed me to your blog. I really enjoyed reading your last 4 or 5 posts and have added your blog feed to my RSS reader. Thanks for sharing your expertise and insights!


Paul Soldera said...

Hi Skip, thanks for stopping by and I must thank Rachel next time I talk to her for the recommendation!

I've just added your blog to my reader as well - feeling very humbled by your 90k readers :).