Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BabbleSoft Blogger moving on

I've been a fan of the entrepreMusings blog for a while. Aruni (who writes it and is the founder of BabbleSoft) is fun to listen to. And she always had/has great advice for new companies and entrepreneurs.

It turns out she is moving on (sort of) from her BabbleSoft position to a new J-O-B. It's tough times out there at the moment for new companies. And she has had a hard time convincing investors to take the plunge with her on BabbleSoft - which is kind of a web/mobile based parenting support tool.

As she points out, it's really a new market, and convincing investors to invest in creating demand in a tough economic climate is an up-hill task.

I wish her all the luck in her new endeavor and I hope BabbleSoft continues (she will be working on it part time).

I really think only crazy, ignorant and insane people start companies. And only people who start companies see any of those traits as assets. Aruni always struck me as a little bit crazy.

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1 comment:

Aruni said...

Hi Paul - Glad to know you think I'm crazy. :-) Entrepreneurs are a little different. Thanks for reading my blog! I'll continue to poast and look forward to your participation.