Saturday, November 24, 2007

Blogger Social '08 in NYC

CK just put another post up on her blog about Blogger Social '08!

The poor girl is out on the streets promoting this thing. It just took one look at the obviously 'captivated' crowd of suites to move me to post about it here. She definitely knows how to get the sympathy vote!

Seriously though, it looks like a great event. If you're a blogger, you're welcome to come. Head over to this site to check out the event, times, etc. It's NYC based. They already have a good contingent of bloggers from places far and wide signed up.

Kudos to CK and friends for putting this together. It's a lot of tough work to get one of these things off the ground.

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CK said...

When it comes to promotions, one has to pull out all the stops (getting people energized, the sympathy vote, etc.). Comes with being a marketer ;-).

I sooo hope you can make it--at least the Saturday night event. Please say yes. Or else I'll have to start picketing outside your office (like the WGA writer strike).

BIG thanks, really, for promoting this. And I'm so sorry I missed meeting you a week ago. Soon!

PS: to those that are just learning about it, we have bloggers coming to NYC from Europe, Australia, the MidEast, the U.K. and every U.S. timezone. Join in!

Paul Soldera said...

I am, as I write, trying to rope some other people into coming. I will def. make it to at least the Sat. night event!