Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweating the small stuff when conveying information

It's an absolute must to sweat the small stuff when conveying information - any information.

I just came across this from the Microsoft Performance Point site. It's a description of the different system requirements for the Performance Point product.

Try to figure out if the Planning Business Modeler and the Monitoring Server have the same hardware requirements? Impossible, right? Or at least extremely hard.

This is either multiple pages or an inventive dynamic page. It's not a long list of thin columns.

Yes it's only one page out of many, and yes, they are only system requirements. But it's the small stuff you have to sweat. This one pages speaks volumes as to how difficult the help system is probably going to be, or how difficult it will be to find help full-stop.

It's the extra 10% of effort to produce an easily readable page that counts. Without it the other 90% is wasted. Yes that sucks. But that's just how it is.

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