Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Organizing Video

I stumbled on the site Videojug today while I was looking to see if anyone had already come up with the concept of a 'videopedia' product. Then I found the site, - don't even bother, it's not that great.

Videojug is good though, and well worth a look if you want a video to explain something to you.

Their tagline is: Life Explained. On Film - love it!

The only problem with Videojug is that its original content clips are, well, uninteresting. Production value isn't that high and the voice-overs lack personality (I have only seen a few, so maybe my selection was skewed, will wait and see).

I was expecting a cross between Mahalo Daily and Scobleshow - but it's more like the BBC on YouTube.

When is Jason Calacanis (the force behind Mahalo) going to realize that cataloging and arranging video on the web will be so much more useful (as a business and to web users) than human powered search?

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