Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Radio ad comic relief

I love radio ads. Not because I think they are particularly effective, but because there seems to be so little oversight of what actually makes it in! Which makes for some great comedy.

Case in point. I just heard an ad for increasing your reading speed. It claims to boost your speed by a huge amount. The claim, pretty much verbatim is:

This program will increase your reading speed 1000 times! Which means, in the time it takes for most people to read 1 book, you can read 10!!

Pity the program doesn't also improve your math skills.

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Nathan said...

haha. cut 'em some slack. that's a tough one.

Paul Soldera said...

A friend pointed out to me that it's actually technically correct.
Although it's also technically stupid...

Tony said...

Yeah, it didn't make sense at first until I did the math.