Thursday, March 13, 2008

One of the best marketing tactics I've seen

This is a video by a company called Equation Research. It was inspired by a technique developed by the guys at Starr Tincup - a marketing firm.

It's such a great way to follow up an introductory meeting. Basically, instead of an awkward follow-up call, the above video is posted to a blog site and the prospect gets to see and really FEEL the company's essence - from the very people that work there.

The video is really easy to do (full disclosure, I do some work for Equation Research now and then and was there when some of this got filmed at their off-site in Florida). The blog site costs nothing to set up (Blogger is free to run). And it can be customized for each prospect.

Mike Travis, the CEO of Equation told me that when the Starr Tincup guys did this for their business, they had an 80% call-back rate for the prospects they targeted. Pretty amazing stuff.

Why does it work? It's personal. Personally targeted to you and you get to see the personalities of the people you will be working with. It's also different. You don't run up against this type of tactic very often.

One of the best mashups of online video and a blog site I have seen in a while.

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