Monday, March 31, 2008

I came across another data sharing site today -

It's very reminiscent of Swivel - same type of layout but with a definite concentration on trend data from social networking sites, Google, blogs etc.

The description of the service on the site is:

"Track, compare and share data, free. Identify trends across social graphs and networks, realize the potential of p2p, track engagement metrics, look at what is really happening, real time."
I was more confused after reading the description to be honest. But from the look of the site, it has some type of voting system for trends - sort of a Digg meets data.

I might have a play around with it if I get some time. Although at some point it has to occur to people that data is not like news - it doesn't lend itself well to syndication, commentary or reproduction in any way that takes it out of context.

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